Richt Should Target Coach Smart!

    Coach Richt told us yesterday on his conference call that there was no timetable on hiring the new coaches. Mark also told us that Damon Evans communicated to him that they would do what is necessary to go get the best coaches available. That comes from the head man in charge. But Coach Richt wouldn't address his A-List, Wish-List.
    Surely that list would include Muschamp, Smart, Ellis Johnson, Tuberville, Joe Sanders, Van Gorder, TCU's Dick Bumpas, and VT's Bud Foster. These are the coaches you'd like to get some face time with, even if to pick their brain. Some useful information might come out of those conversations.
    To me, the most obvious candidate is Alabama's Kirby Smart. Kirby should be the top guy. He's the #1 guy on the A-List. Go make it happen.
    Timing is everything on these hires. No timetable for Richt? Well, he's got to wait until Kirby Smart is finished with the Game of the Century Saturday afternoon. After the SEC Championship game, Richt can get in front of him. Get something set up for Sunday. Prepare to blow him away.
    Richt might be catching Kirby Smart at the right time. It might be time for him to break out on his own, and jump off the Saban ship. Kirby probably wouldn't be interested in making a lateral move, unless it was Georgia or Texas. Richt holds that "come back home" card and he should play that hard. Smart is Georgia born and bred. Richt should tell him "Georgia needs you." Bobo, his teammate at Georgia, should be communicating that too. 
    Alabama is reportedly making $369,000 this year. That's #5 on the SEC DC list. Damon Evans and these 'Dog boosters need to step up and hand out a big raise, in a multi-year contract. I know that's not the Georgia philosophy, but do you want to win or not? Offer Coach Kirby Smart:  3-years, $1.2 million. That's at least $400,000 a year, with some bonuses built in based on performance. Give him some freedom to speak (Saban doesn't allow that).
    Why hitch the wagon to Smart? Because he's the perfect fit. A Georgia guy. Studied defense under Saban. He's young and energetic. He can recruit. This is a no-brainer. Go get him.
    And why not Muschamp? Because he's not leaving his coach in waiting situation at Texas. He's already making big money.    


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