Mettenberger's Rep Takes a Hit

    Logan Gray and Aaron Murray just moved ahead of Zach Mettenberger. Part of winning the quarterback job is earning the respect of your team and coaching staff, so this hurts Zach. Does it eliminate him from the competition? Perhaps in 2010. He's probably facing a 1-game suspension. Can't be going with a guy sitting out the opener, right? Long term he might be okay. Short-term it doesn't look good.
    Zach is not the first, and certainly won't be the last college student getting stung by the Remerton police. It's been a trap for as long as I can remember. Remerton used to be a small cotton mill village (plant closed in 1979), but it has always been a speed trap. Dad used to take the long way around on the way to the ball park, because he was scared of getting a ticket for going 26 in a 25 mph zone. And the last 10-15 years, Remerton has turned into a small party district for the nearby college students. And yes, the police has a rep for almost stalking students out doing the late night scene.
    Mettenberger made a mistake. And he'll pay for it (stadium steps, increased scrutiny, probable suspension). Hopefully he'll learn a lesson. And he'll overcome this. But the timing stinks. 
    Why was he in Valdosta? Visiting high school buddies and checking them out in the VSU Blazer spring football game. And a night of fun turned into a nightmare. Advantage Logan Gray and Aaron Murray.


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