Get Hutson Ready To Play

   Defenses love to get after the opposing quarterback. Hit them. Knock'm around. Treat them poorly. The oldest trick in the book is to hit the QB early and often, and then watch them become obsessive with the pass rush. Simplified the term is "get in their head." It's like sharks detecting blood in the water. A frenzy develops.
    Knock the QB out of the game. And bring on the next one.
    This is why smart coaches find a way to get the #2 quarterback reps with the #1 offense. Better get the next quarterback prepared to step in a play, in case the #1 guy gets knocked around. Otherwise, you've got little shot of winning.
    Coach Mike Bobo is smart to get Hutson Mason some reps this preseason, even though Aaron Murray could have benefited from those snaps. Murray's the man. But Hutson is 1 play from being the man. Might be smart to get him a series or two in the exibition opener against Louisiana-Lafayette. And I can testify to 3-6 plays being huge to a guy that's not played yet. Just getting on the field and feeling the speed of the game is valuable. Hit a few passes and make a few good run checks help you gain confidence too.
    Never forget my first snaps. Got them against Baylor in the 1978 opener. Looked into the eyes of LB Mike Singletary that day and lived to tell about it. And I found out that day that I could play on this level.
    Redshirt Hutson Mason? Only if Murray glides through the schedule into to Jax. Anyway, I though Coach Richt swore off that mandatory redshirt philosophy. Get the guy a few snaps, because it will help him get ready.


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