Obsession With Stats Annoying

   Stats, stats, stats. Sometimes the obsession with stats just makes me want to puke. One that always gets me going is when you're watching a game on TV and the play-by-play man keeps beinging up "Total Yards." Another is the persistent mention of the QBs passing statistics. Every series the graphic comes up on the quarterbacks passing stats. Enough.
    Can we give this a break? How many points do you get for leading in the total yards stat? None. What good is gaining a bunch of yards, if you can't put points on the scoreboard? Means nothing. The great Erk Russell's Split 60 defense allowed some movement between the 20's, but team's didn't score much. Don't believe any DC is telling his defense to "go out there and keep them under 300 total yards."
     It's about the points, baby.
     Get ready to hear all about Aaron Murray's stats this season. I can hear some of these knuckleheads already, "Murray only completed 7 of 16 passes." What does it matter, if 2 go for TDs and they win? Another QB stat that drives me crazy is the interception stat. Typically you hear the play-by-play man mention it.
      "He had three interceptions in the first half, do you think they will look to the back-up?"  Dude. The first pick was on a tipped ball and the 3rd one was on a end-of-the-first-half Hail Mary. No, they aren't going to the back-up.
      What's important is making plays that help the offense score points, which in turn helps the team win games. No one should expect Murray---in his first season as the starter---to go out there and complete 65% of his throws for 3,000 yards. This isn't Zeier in his senior season. This young man is just getting started. Aaron needs to focus on managing the offense, making good decisions, and hitting on some big plays that help them score points and win.
     Total yards? Who cares about that? Well, other than the play-by-play man.


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