Ignorant To Blame Bobo

  I haven't heard any of this from Richt, Zeier, Greene, Stafford, or Shockley, but a portion of the Bulldog Nation is blaming Coach Mike Bobo for the 0-2 start in the SEC. The Blawgs are killing him. Fire him. A disaster. He's gotten worse every year. That's just a quick sample of what some Georgia fans are writing and saying. Man, that's cruel. Unmerciful. And uneducated.
  While in the middle of the Braves Pre-Game Show yesterday, I was also focused on the 4th quarter Georgia-Arkansas. Talk about multi-tasking. I actually had a chance to chart the 'Dogs offense in the 1st half, anticipating the avalanche of criticism towards Bobo, if the 'Dogs came up short.
   Mike was actually very aggressive in his play-calling. As promised, they cut Aaron Murray loose. 
   The chart shows Bobo used the full assortment of formations: base I formation, 3 WR/1 RB Shotgun, 3 WR/2RB, I formation 2 TE, 3 WR/RB under center, Power, and Wild Dawg. That's mixing it up and forcing the defense to adjust constantly. 
    He ran it on 1st and 10, called a couple of reverses, took some play-action shots, mixed in some screens and a couple of hitches. On 2nd down, Mike called some power runs, ran the sweep, had some quick pass, and threw it intermediate.
    On 3rd down, Murray started the game by throwing behind a short crossing route that was open. There was a play-action sack early on 3rd and 1, which opens yourself up for criticism...but remember you can't get tendancies that tell the DC you're calling the same plays every time. This was early in a game that coaches anticipated a lot of points being scored (EXAMPLE: PETRINO hidden ball trick for TD). Once the Hogs were in man coverage on 3/6 which blew up a RB screen call...it's like rolling the dice. Murray hit some 3rd and long passes downfield to Marlon and Tav King on good calls. Late in the game, he called an I-formation lead on 3rd and 4, which drew some gasps, after Ealey got stuffed.
    The stat sheet says Bobo's play-calling had Georgia with a more effective 3rd down conversion rate, than that brilliant Petrino dude. 'Dogs had 1 more 1st down. Ran it more effectively. Were the more balanced attack. Just saying. 
    Hall of Fame Coach Jim Donnan, a noted offensive expert, told me on Buck Belue's College Football Today Show Saturday morning that play-calling is way overrated. Is he blowing smoke? No. It's about executing the play. Although, I'm a firm believer that a good plan and a few excellent play calls can help you win the game. 
    Heard one analyst say that the 'Dogs offense lacked an identity. I do believe this early in the season coaches are searching for the right combinations. 
    Mike Bobo has been meticulously studying offense and defense for 30 years. He's an educated man, when it comes to today's schemes. He played the position. He's coached some of the best. He's qualified to run Richt's offense. Why is that so hard to understand? It's more than a little bit arrogant to assume that you...the insurance salesman, real estate broker, banker or landscape dude knows more about offense than Mike. Give it a rest. 
    If Bobo was a bad as you make him out to be, Richt would have moved on this...Stafford would not have been a rookie starter in the NFL...Shockley would not have made the Falcons team coming out of college, Greene would not have been one of CFs best quarterbacks. 
    I say support Georgia and Coach Bobo. We are playing a RF QB who has 3 starts under his belt, without one of CFs top playmakers (A.J. Green).


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