My Favorite "Meat Cleaver" Story

  Eddie Weaver was an intimidating guy, on the football field. He was big and strong. He could run and had great agility. Eddie also had that mean, menacing look. And the nickname "Meat Cleaver" allowed the legend to grow. I often thought how great it was to have him on our team. Although our scout team QB was thinking the opposite. 
  In 1980, before our game with Ole Miss, I called Rebel QB John Fourcade and had some fun. I told him that Weaver was talking about roughing him up. Fourcade, normally a fast talker, was silent. So, I went on.
  "Yeah, "Meat Cleaver" is over here taking bets on how many times the training staff will have to help you off the field," I told him. "I've never seen Weaver like this...he's all fired up."
  Fourcade took it all in and mentioned something about carving up on defense for 300 yards. I managed to keep the laughter in. Anyway, flash forward to Saturday. During pre-game warm-ups at Sanford Stadium, Fourcade got an opportunity to run over and speak to me for a moment.
  "You tell that SOB that we've warned the officials, and that if he takes a cheap shot on me, they are going to throw his ass out of the game," Fourcade yelled. I roared. Told Lindsay and he roared. Fourcade fell for it hook, line and sinker. Weaver was in his head and the game hadn't even started yet. Eddie had no idea this was going on. 
  Ole Miss got the ball to start the game. On the first 3rd down, Weaver beat his OL and chased Fourcade out of the pocket. Payne got a big hit on John. The beating was on. Weaver got him several times. Fourcade had to leave the game once. And late in the game, the "Meat Cleaver" slammed him to the ground and got a 15-yard penalty.
  Fourcade threw 3 interceptions and fumbled a couple of times. After the game, I told him the story about Weaver was just a prank. And he refused to believe it.


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