Is Nick Fairley Dirty Player?

   Football is a tough, physical, and emotional game. Mean dudes play it. As a guy that holds the ball, you've got to expect some hard hits. It's the nature of the game. Do these mean dudes cross the line sometimes? You bet they do.
   But I don't look at Auburn DT Nick Fairley as a cheap shot artist. Maybe it's because I played with Eddie "Meat Cleaver" Weaver. The QB with the ball in his hands is fair game. Beware. I'm sure Aaron Murray understood that coming into the game. Fairley had a bad rep for abusing QBs. 
    Just went back and looked at the 4 hits he took at Aaron. The Facemask incident: shows Fairley is mean. The Spearing incident: this was a cheap shot...Murray had already released the ball and that was clear to Fairley. The Pick-Up & Dump incident: it's illegal in the NFL, but legal in CF. The Knee Shot incident: Fairley was coming in low with his pass rush, and was getting pushed by the Georgia OL. Could he have pulled up? Don't believe so. How is a 300 pound beast a foot off the ground going to stop? Now if he was coming in high, and then went down low that would be an entirely different story. 
    Did I appreciate the Georgia OL going after Fairley on the next play? Yes, I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Just wish they would have protected him more prior to that. 
    Fairley would be a rock star in Georgia, if he played for the 'Dogs. But he plays for Auburn. So, we hate on him. I get it. Does he take no prisoners, with his nasty style? That's correct. Is he dirty? Probably could argue that one.
    Sounds like Aaron Murray's knee is okay. That goodness for that.


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