Get Off Murray's Back!

   Aaron Murray is playing outstanding. So, why are some of you being critical? Don't get it.  Just bumped into a guy at the fitness center and he told me that he was disappointed with Murray's play. 
   What did I tell him? Told him he was crazy. Should have seen the look on his face. 
   What is the expectation? Perfection? That's crazy too.
   Here is what I like about how he is playing. Aaron is focused on protecting the ball. Love that! But at the same time, he's letting it fly. Totally committed to his throws. No hesitation. 
   Have there been a few overthrows? Sure. He's hanging the deep ball out there and giving the WR a shot to go get it. Overthrows don't typically get intercepted...underthrows do. Those deep ball shots scare the heck out of the DBs and DCs. And you aren't going to hit all of them. 
   Murray was under constant pressure in Missouri. The O-Line had a tough 1st half. Theus was limited, with his ankle sprain. He had issues with the speed rush. Couldn't set quick enough. So, the heat was on Aaron. And he hung in there tough. Auburn's Kiehl Frasier would have thrown 5 interceptions. Our guy stood in the pocket strong and made good decisions.
   Again, forget about the STAT SHEET. It's about winning. Do what it takes to win. That's what Murray's all about this season. 
   And this isn't "Pass Skeleton." There is a pass rush in real football and that changes everything in the passing game. 
   What's wrong with Murray? Nothing. Something must be wrong with you...if you're criticizing this guy. 


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  • 9/11/2012 8:27 AM tony wrote:
    I agree. AM is protecting the ball. Ball control. Good defense and running game. Same.MO as bama. What's the problem guys. More than likely going to be 4-0 heading into the meat and potatoes of our shedule..
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  • 9/11/2012 9:08 AM Bob Kopesky SR wrote:
    I agree with you to a degree. I think consistantly in the first half. He gets amped up and does not throw the ball as acurately. It is like a pitcher who only gives up runs in the first inning. Thanks
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  • 9/11/2012 12:06 PM Derekross wrote:
    You should get the opinion other than some meathead at the gym. If you ask me, Aaron played pretty darn good considering his protection could only hold at best 3 step drops. Mizzou's defense was better than I was expected and Murray was in total control with his accuracy and reads that night. Guy is money in the redzone also.
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  • 9/11/2012 3:45 PM Greg wrote:
    Bennett and Marlon had good stats overall, but dropped 5 passes between them. If not for those drops, Murray would have had well over 300 yards passing versus Mizzou.
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  • 9/11/2012 7:25 PM Larry Tucker wrote:
    I agree on Murray's play. Most of those passes were timing with him and the receiver, and most were just so close to being completed. Those type of passes just can not be defended by the defensive backs. I think that we will see these near misses turn into huge completions in the near future.
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  • 9/12/2012 9:13 AM golferdawg17 wrote:
    you say it's all about wins, Buck, and i agree. However, let's wait and see how Murray does against a top 10 team. it's no secret that he looks uncomfortable under pressure with his "happy feet", and he has been known to cough the ball up. (This was the case again in the first half vs. Mizzou, an unranked team.) We haven't beaten a top 10 team since 2009 (and that was a team we're 10-1 against). I hope you're right about his focus on protecting the ball; but, i'm not going to buy into Murray until he can prove he can win vs. Bama or LSU...with our schedule, that's really the first time that we'll really know how we stack up against the best.
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  • 10/6/2012 9:12 PM golferdawg17 wrote:
    he looked good vs. FL Atlantic though...haha! i'd be interested to hear your take on the state of our program now, homer. what's our record vs. teams that ended up ranked now, 2-15? time for a change, and don't give me the "it's just one game" crap.
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